Living Pain Free


Around 85 million people suffer from painful conditions like facet syndrome, failed back syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, spinal stenosis, sciatica pain, and neck and shoulder pain.  Spine-related pain can be debilitating both physically and emotionally.  Simple tasks like lifting groceries or playing with children may become difficult.  Pain can inhibit sleep, work productivity, personal relationships, and even lead to depression.  At Comprehensive Pain Consultants, we combine our passion for medicine with great compassion for how we treat out patients.  We create individualized treatment plans that encompass all aspects of chronic pain.  We use the most cutting-edge and comprehensive techniques, so patients will receive the most complete care possible.

The team at Comprehensive Pain Consultants emphasizes collaboration and communication.  We keep patients invested in their care by thoroughly outlining the diagnosis and customized treatment plan.  Ongoing patient education is a primary focus at Comprehensive Pain Consultants.  We walk each patient through how to keep problems from recurring and how to prevent future injury.  Our providers turn to alternative treatments, such as physical therapy, lifestyle modification counseling, and non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures.  The aim is to make patients feel respected, comfortable, and right at home with one-on-one focused care. 

Don’t let pain rule your life. Improve the quality of your life.  Call us today.

Katie Rotanz