The Relationship Between Sitting and Back Pain

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Most of us spend hours and hours sitting during the day—either behind a desk at work, school, driving a car or just watching TV at home. While sitting by itself is not a bad thing, it’s the extended periods of sitting that can cause chronic back pain and several other health issues.

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Read on to learn more about the relationship between sitting and back pain and how you can adjust the way you sit for long-term relief.


Back Pain Asheville NC: The Facts 

You probably know that slouching over a computer for 7-10 hours a day is bad for your body. Sitting the wrong way for too long puts excessive pressure on our lower backs and spines. The lower discs of our spine will push on nerves and this sends pain throughout the body.


Fix your posture

Poor posture can make back pain worse—especially if you’re sitting for long periods of time. Improving your posture can not only improve back pain, but also your overall health and well-being. Here are a few tips to incorporate when sitting:


  • Keep your feet on the floor: Avoid crossing your legs or using chairs where your feet can’t touch the ground. Keep your hips/thigh’s parallel to the floor.

  • Relax your shoulders and neck: Don’t round your shoulders or pull them back too far.

  • Bend elbows: While typing, keep your elbows between a 90 to120-degree angle. Avoid stretching or reaching to type on a keyboard.

  • Back & hip support: Ensure your chair has a well-padded seat and a backrest. Use a back pillow or other type of curved support if your chair doesn’t have the proper structure.

  • Take breaks: As often as you can, stand up and stretch or take a quick walk around the office.


Improve your office environment

Like many of us, sitting at a desk to work 8+ hours a day can’t always be avoided. While working a desk job might not seem physically stressful, sitting can indeed take a toll on our bodies. Read more about back pain Asheville NC right here. Below are a few simple office upgrades and things to evaluate that could make a world of difference to your back pain:


  • Standing or height adjustable desks

  • Supportive chairs

  • Correct table & monitor position

  • Keyboard trays


Get active 

Staying in the same position for hours on end can lead to back pain over time. Taking frequent breaks from sitting during the day is a great first step along with a regular workout routine. Cardio, using weights and stretching are very beneficial for almost all back-pain types. It helps to strengthen muscles, improves overall flexibility and increases circulation to your joints.


Back Pain Asheville NC

If you’ve been experiencing pain for more than a week or two, it’s time to visit the pain doctors in Asheville. While you may think it will go away on its own, the earlier you can start treatment the better your chances are at making a full recovery. We have the best back doctors in Asheville NC who can help you get back to normal as quickly as possible!


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