Low Back Pain


Low back pain accounts for one of the most common reasons for doctors visits in the United States.  The spine is an incredible and complex marvel of technical engineering. Finding and treating back pain can be equally complex.  Low back pain can be caused by something as simple as a strained muscle, but can also be caused by arthritis in the joints of the back, inflammation of the intervertebral discs, or irritated nerves in the back.

Back pain, notably lower back pain, is often the result of pulled or torn muscles and ligaments. It can happen overnight or develop over an extended period due to natural wear and tear.

While back pain is usually acute, if left untreated it can become chronic. Even acute back pain can be severe and disrupt your daily routine.

Some common causes of back pain include:

  • Lifting heavy objects

  • A fall

  • Maintaining poor posture over an extended period

  • Sports injuries

  • Trauma (i.e. car accidents)

  • Structural issues (herniated discs, arthritis, compression fractures)

Even though back pain is a prevalent issue, there are simple steps you can take to prevent it. Here are some tips on how to limit your risk of developing back pain:

  • Perform back-strengthening and stretching exercises a couple of times a week

  • Use proper form to lift heavy objects (bent knees and a straight back)

  • Remain active

  • Keep a healthy, balanced diet

Acute back pain lasts no more than six weeks and usually subsides on its own. However, there’s no need to suffer through your pain. We can help diagnose chronic conditions and treat you early. If your pain lasts for more than three days, it’s time to seek help.

The back doctors in Asheville NC at Comprehensive Pain Consultants offers state-of-the-art treatment options.  After a thorough evaluation and physical exam, our back doctors in Asheville, NC can make a diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan.

Your treatment may include a combination of medication management, lifestyle modifications, physical therapy, non-surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures, or surgery when necessary.

Treating Back Pain Asheville NC

If your back pain proves too disruptive and limits your ability to go to work or even walk around, let the pain management experts at Comprehensive Pain Consultants of the Carolinas help to evaluate, diagnose, and treat the cause of your low back pain. Call us today and start your path to a pain-free life!